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Gems and stones come in many shades and colors. The creativity and combinations are limitless. Feel free to peruse and purchase our Classically Mish ready to wear pieces. Additionally, Classically Mish looks forward to customizing your Natural gemstone dream pieces. 

Our Story

I started to collect loose gemstones as a child. I was fascinated that they were rocks, came in different colors and sparkled in the light. I learned cut, color, carat and value when I became more serious about collecting. 

A friend saw my collection and asked if I planned  to make jewelry with my stones.  "No;"  I hadn't even thought about it. Then she told me about gemstone beads; What?!

I started researching high quality natural gemstone beads. I bought a few samples, made a few pieces, presented them to a focus group (they sold out) and Classically Mish was born.


Our Vision

My vision is to introduce CM clients to my love of amazing gems and stones by offering the highest quality Ready to Wear and Custom gemstone and beaded jewelry.

Classically Mish strives to satisfy our customer base whether its a personal treat, everyday jewelry, bridesmaid gifts or that special occasional piece. Count on us to assist with that perfect piece or collection that will be shared for generations.  

Thank you for your purchasesMish


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